Taco Bell Sign Crushes Customer’s Kia

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Taco Bell Sign Crushes Customer’s Kia
Taco Bell Sign Crushes Customer’s Kia

And the meal crushed customers’ intestines.

A huge Taco Bell sign came crashing down onto a Kia in Crowley, Louisiana on September 8, miraculously not killing the driver. The whole incident was sparked by a fierce storm which rolled through the area, downing power lines and causing some structural damage as first responders scrambled to help anyone affected.

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As you can see from the image of the crushed Kia, that massive pole which was holding up a Taco Bell sign to be visible from far away only compacted the backseat area of the vehicle. Thankfully there was only the driver inside at the time.

According to a report from local news station KLFY, the driver was injured, although we’re not sure just how badly. Looking at the damage, she’s lucky to be alive.


This just shows you can be as careful as you can, but a falling tree limb, Taco Bell sign, or even a large rock hurled by some pranksters could change things in an instant. While automakers like Volvo have talked about eliminating all deaths in their cars, ultimately even the safest vehicles would have a tough time withstanding this kind of crushing force.

The takeaway from this incident might be that during storms with high winds, stay away from business’ signs, especially massive ones like this, as well as trees. In some areas that might eliminate just about everywhere, so we’re not sure how realistic that is anyway. Staying aware of your surroundings is a good idea any time you’re in your vehicle.

Also, going to Taco Bell can be hazardous to your health on a few different levels, even if the sign doesn’t fall onto your car.

Images via KLFY, Crowley Police Department