Talladega Nights Dream Home On The Market

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Ever wondered how Ricky Bobby lived?

Talladega Nights is probably one of the most culturally significant movies for young enthusiasts everywhere. Or, hear me out, it’s just funny as hell. Growing up, a lot of the younger generation should remember watching Will Ferrell racing around the track with his best buddy simultaneously betraying and helping him. After making his way to the top, Ricky Bobby eventually finds his way right back where he started before finding his speed again but it’s very rare that people talk about one of his biggest symbols of wealth.

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That is his house which is featured multiple times throughout the film. Whether it’s the breakfast scene where Mr. Bobby’s kids show off their unrelenting brattiness, or one where Dale calls Ricky in the middle of the night complaining of Ghosts, the Ricky Bobby House is sort of an icon to anyone who watched the film. So, it’ll come as a happy surprise to hear that the house used in Ricky Bobby‘s film has recently come onto the real estate market. That’s right, you could find yourself sitting on the same floor as Ricky Bobby and blasting some Hardcore rock ‘n’ roll while working on your car in the garage.


Located just 30 miles from Charlotte, North Carolina, this house has many wonders. It’s got a pool, lots of front and backyard space, and the obvious copious square footage. Of course, whoever purchases this home will probably be looking more into the Ricky Bobby aspect than anything else. However, probably the coolest feature about the vehicle is that, being located around the Charlotte North Carolina region, it’s pretty close to a lot of NASCAR team headquarters. All these things make the house a really interesting prospect for pretty much any car enthusiast but the real question is if it really worth $4.2 million.

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