Talladega Nights Tribute Cars Will Race in NASCAR This Weekend

Talladega Nights Tribute Cars Will Race in NASCAR This Weekend photo
Talladega Nights Tribute Cars Will Race in NASCAR This Weekend photo

Talladega Nights is pretty much mandatory watching for any motorsports fan. The schlocky comedy is a loving tribute to NASCAR, and now, the series is returning the favor. This weekend, Talladega Speedway will see the duo of Wonder Bread and Old Spice once again taking to the track in the quest for victory.

Stewart-Haas Racing is behind the promotion, with the team rewrapping its two Ford Mustangs for the YellaWood 500. Ryan Preece will drive the No. 41 car wearing the Wonder Bread livery, modeled after Ricky Bobby's car. Chase Briscoe will run the No. 14 with an Old Spice design, mimicking Cal Naughton Jr.'s car from the film. It's a touch anachronistic, given the Dennit Racing drivers ran Chevrolet Monte Carlos, but it works nonetheless. One imagines Preece was given the more successful Wonder Bread livery by virtue of being 25th in the Cup Series standings to Briscoe's 30th.


The real magic is that Stewart-Haas Racing was able to get both brands on board for the same event. “Talladega Nights is a cult classic and Wonder Bread and Old Spice were savvy enough to be on board with the movie from the very beginning," said Brian McKinley, Chief Revenue Officer at Stewart-Haas Racing, adding "For our sport, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, and it’s given Stewart-Haas Racing a great platform to have some fun and engage with our fans.”

The promotion is set to go beyond the graphics on the cars. Stewart-Haas Racing will offer special one-off merchandise both at the track and online, while the team and drivers have both been heavily pushing the Wonder Bread and Old Spice brands on their respective social media accounts. We've already seen Preece making toast, while the reveal video saw both drivers recreating a scene from the movie. Wonder Bread is going extra hard, with 2,000 in-store displays featuring Preece's car popping up across Alabama, Georgia, and Flordia.

Fundamentally, it's an easy slam dunk for the team and sponsors. It lets the drivers have some fun, while putting plenty of eyes on the Stewart-Haas entries. “Talladega Nights is one movie that most people have seen and laughed with, and these really cool paint schemes will bring back those memories,” Preece said. His teammate was similarly buoyant, noting the team's former relationship with Old Spice. "Talladega Nights is one of my all-time favorite movies, and I’m really glad that Old Spice was on board to come back to Stewart-Haas Racing," said Briscoe.

Neither Briscoe nor Preece has stood on the podium this year, both recording a best finish of fourth in the 2023 Cup Series. It's an outside shot that the team could bring home the glory, but there'll be plenty of fans hoping to see Wonder Bread and Old Spice finish 1-2 this weekend. Tune in to the YellaWood 500 this Sunday to see if life imitates art.

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