Technical updates: 2023 Italian Grand Prix

Nine of the 10 Formula 1 teams have brought new parts to the Italian Grand Prix, with a number of specific adaptations for Monza’s unique characteristics.

The high-speed circuit requires a low-downforce setup, and as such the majority of teams have upgrades that are solely for those requirements. The biggest number of submissions is from McLaren, with a new front brake duct scoop a performance update while the front wing, rear wing and rear brake duct winglets are all circuit specific for the drag range.

Red Bull’s front and rear wings are also circuit specific, while Ferrari lists its rear wing as a performance update alongside the Monza setup front wing. Mercedes has a new rear wing and beam wing configuration for low drag, and Alpine similarly has brought only a beam wing.


Alongside its Monza rear wing, Alfa Romeo has an updated front suspension geometry that it counts as a performance update, while AlphaTauri has a front wing and beam wing as well as having removed elements from the rear brake duct and rear view mirrors to reduce drag.

Aston Martin has a front wing and Williams a rear wing that are each circuit specific with reduced drag. Haas is the only team that doesn’t have any new parts, running its Baku-spec wings in Italy.

Story originally appeared on Racer