Technical updates: 2024 Spanish Grand Prix

Ferrari continues its upgrade push with another new package at the Spanish Grand Prix, while there are also subtle evolutions at Red Bull.

Imola saw a major Ferrari upgrade introduced and the team has wasted no time in following that with developments of a similar size in terms of expected performance gain just three rounds later. The latest package includes an increased sidepod and engine cover undercut, changes to the floor fences, floor body and floor edge, a reworked diffuser and tweaks to the halo.

Ferrari also has a change to its rear wing that it says is circuit specific, offering higher levels of downforce.


Red Bull follows a similar approach in terms of some circuit specific updates, with cooling part of the focus as it has revised its sidepod inlet, engine cover and floor body. The floor change is to accommodate the engine cover and sidepod inlet tweaks, but the team also has a new beam wing and rear wing endplate that focuses solely on performance.

Mercedes and McLaren say they have no new parts in Spain, but Aston Martin has developed upgraded its front suspension fairings, front brake ducts and rear corner to increase load.

Williams is another team — along with Alpine — that claims to have no upgrades, but the team has previously stated it has introducing weight-saving measures in Barcelona, with both cars at a similar specification following weeks of only Alex Albon running with the latest parts.

RB is following Ferrari’s approach with another package, bringing an updated engine cover, side inlet, floor body and rear wing, alongside front brake duct cooling changes and a lower downforce beam wing option.

Stake has evolved its front brake duct exits for both aerodynamic flow and cooling, while there is also a new rear wing being tested, and at Haas a small winglet on the rear impact structure is intended to produce a marginal increase in local load.

Story originally appeared on Racer