Teen Girls Charged In Kia Thefts

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Anything boys can do…

Just like in other parts of the country, Kia and Hyundai theft is a big problem in the Detroit metro area. However, multiple reports of two teenage girls arrested for stealing three Kias is shocking to a lot of people. We don’t really see why because after all we live in a day and age of equality where women are free to behave just as badly as men, or so we’re told.

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According to multiple reports, after spotting a Kia that had been reported stolen in early April, investigators in Macomb County placed that vehicle under surveillance with the hopes of catching the suspected thieves and maybe recovering more stolen cars.


That move paid off when the car, which was left parked on the side of a residential street in Clinton Township, was moved to a street in Harrison Township and another Kia which also had been reported stolen showed up.

At the same time, police ran across a third Kia that was reported stolen. That car was sitting at an apartment complex in Clinton Township. It turns out all three vehicles were allegedly stolen by the same teenage girls.

Sheriff’s deputies tried doing a traffic stop on one of the stolen Kias after it was driven away by an unnamed 17-year-old girl. Instead of pulling over, probably because she was in a stolen car, she decided to try outrunning the cops. What she forgot was she was in a Kia, not a Dodge Hellcat.

That police chase ended when the female driver hit a curb – a real anomaly, we know – and one of the tires on the stolen Kia were damaged. Apparently the damage was bad enough the car wasn’t drivable anymore, because the suspect pulled into a parking lot and tried running away. She was caught and taken to the Macomb County Juvenile Justice Center.

As for the second suspect, during that first chase she took another of the stolen Kias and drove to school. While she was sitting in class, the school’s police liaison officer and security officer brought her out and arrested her. Now she’s in the same facility as her friend.

So remember, it’s not just men who are stealing cars, because women can do it too.

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