Teen In Impala Leads Indiana Trooper On 115-Plus MPH Chase

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Teen In Impala Leads Indiana Trooper On 115-Plus MPH Chase
Teen In Impala Leads Indiana Trooper On 115-Plus MPH Chase

For anyone who says kids these days aren’t into cars, we present this wild case out of Indiana where a teenager led state troopers on a 115-plus mph chase in a Chevy Impala. We’re not endorsing what the kid did, but it does prove that there are some who would rather have real life experiences instead of whiling their time away on the PlayStation.

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What this 17-year-old did was dumb and could’ve gotten him or someone else killed. And it all started over a headlight that was out. A trooper noticed the dark headlight on the night of May 13 on the east side of Indianapolis and tried pulling the Impala over.


For whatever reason, the teen decided to run instead of stopping. Did his parents teach him to not pull over for police? Was it peer influence? Did he get brainwashed from playing GTA on his PlayStation? We have no idea.

We do know Indiana State Police say he at first went 100 mph in a 45 mph zone before getting on the freeway and hitting at least 115 mph, as reported by WTHR. We don’t know how old the Impala is, but we’re guessing it wasn’t a newer one, so the kid has some guts. Or is really dumb. Or maybe both.

Still, he should’ve just pulled over and taken the fix it ticket instead of running.

Just like Icarus, this teen flew too close to the sun and paid the price. While gunning for an exit ramp, he spun out the Impala into a ditch. Police tried setting up a roadblock to keep him from running, but he reportedly rammed one of the cruisers head-on and was able to get onto surface streets.

The kid probably didn’t realize he was just racking up the criminal charges at that point.

Perhaps full of glee from getting away from so many cops, the teen allegedly drove the wrong way, blew through a red light, and crashed head-on into a light pole. But he wasn’t done, ditching the car and taking off on foot in a wooded area where police couldn’t track him.

He probably thought it was the perfect crime, but police started investigating the crash scene and found a receipt in the Implala for a employee meal at White Castle, which included his name. Using that info, they were able to find his address, an apartment complex near where the chase started. Coincidentally, they found a cell phone on the ground with the teenager’s photo on the lock screen.

What a criminal genius.

Long story short, they tracked the kid down and arrested him. Police learned the Impala was stolen from the teen’s cousin’s house the night before. What a nice thing to do to a family member! We’re hoping the teenager learned a valuable lesson.

Image via Indiana State Police/Facebook

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