Teen is mortified when mom picks her up from school dance blasting ‘Pretty Girls Walk’

Fact: It’s impossible to raise a middle schooler without unintentionally becoming the “most embarrassing person” they have ever met. But it appears that one mom on TikTok knew what she was doing when she picked her kid up from a middle school dance and semi-mortified her in the process.

The now-viral TikTok, which was shared by Lindsey Helms (@teamhelms), shows the mom of four rolling up outside her daughter’s middle school just after the dance let out. A huge group of kids is gathered on the sidewalk, presumably waiting to be picked up by their parents, too.

But as Helms cruises towards the front entrance in search of her daughter, heads begin to turn.

That’s because the middle school mom has the windows down and the music pumped — all while blasting “Pretty Girls Walk” by Big Boss Vette.


When Helms finally spots her daughter, it’s pretty obvious who she is by the look on her face. Instead of being happy that her mom has arrived, the tween stares at her mom in disgust with her mouth open, before turning back to her friends in epic embarrassment.

Seconds later, the tween’s friends start coming over and piling into the back of Helms’s car so she can give them a ride home. But when her daughter gets into the back seat, she’s still pretty mad. In fact, she gives her mom a glaring look of death, like only a 13-year-old can.

Most people found it hilarious and deeply relatable.

“Why were we all so embarrassed by our parents picking us up at this age?” one person asked. “As of everyone’s parents didn’t pick them up.”

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