Teens Arrested For Car Theft Picked Up By Guardian In Stolen Car

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Teens Arrested For Car Theft Picked Up By Guardian In Stolen Car
Teens Arrested For Car Theft Picked Up By Guardian In Stolen Car

The guardian who arrived at a police station to pick up four teenagers arrested for car theft recently in Maryland was spotted being dropped off in a stolen vehicle herself. According to a Fox News report, Charles County Police Department officers spotted two Hyundais in front of a business. Both license plates returned back as stolen, so the officers initiated a traffic stop.

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However, the drivers of the two Hyundais decided to run for it instead. While police gave chase, dispatch received word the suspects have robbed the business before getting back in the stolen cars.


After getting a lead on cops, the suspects ditched the Hyundais at a park and ride lot and tried hiding. Obviously, that didn’t work well at all. Officers arrested four juveniles as well as an 18-year-old and 21-year-old.

Charging the juveniles with theft and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, police called a guardian for the kids to be picked up. However, that guardian and two other women were dropped of at the police station in a stolen car. The irony isn’t lost on anyone.

Police found the stolen drop-off vehicle, tried to apprehend the driver, who almost mowed down a cop as he fled. After fleeing a short distance, the driver and three juveniles jumped out but were caught. Police determined the driver had active arrest warrants.

In the meantime, police arrested the three women, including the guardian of the original four teenagers, for theft, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, providing a false name, and rogue and vagabond.

Car theft rings, whether large international organizations or just local groups of friends, love to use kids to steal. After all, they’ll automatically face fewer consequences while judges and even prosecutors cut them sweet deals so they can keep stealing. Perhaps that’s how this situation arose, because on its face it’s completely ridiculous.

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