Teens Livestreamed Their Police Chase On Instagram

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Teens Livestreamed Their Police Chase On Instagram
Teens Livestreamed Their Police Chase On Instagram

Two 16-year-old boys led Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies on a high-speed chase, livestreaming the whole thing on Instagram. This is the dark side of social media where people will do just about anything to get a few likes and attention.

Drug dealer really can’t drive his Dodge Challenger.

According to a Sacramento Sheriff’s Department spokesman, the chase started on May 28 when deputies tried pulling a car over for an equipment violation. However, he said the attempted traffic stop rapidly turned into a high-speed pursuit as the two teens fled.

That’s when the passenger got his phone out and started livestreaming the ordeal, showing the handgun he had cradled in his lap, the barrel pointed squarely at his abdomen, exactly how you’re not supposed to handle a firearm.


The sheriff released part of that livestream and about half of what the 16-year-old says is edited out since he’s pretty much talking in a series of expletives.

Eventually, the suspect driver hit two other cars before the pair abandoned the vehicle on the highway as it was quickly engulfed by fire. The juvenile suspects then jumped off an embankment, falling about 15 to 20 feet before deputies were able to apprehend them.

The real kicker is one of the teens did something similar just two months ago. So the revolving door of justice shakes a finger at these delinquents, slaps them on the wrist, then puts them on the street so they can immediately commit more crimes. We see this sort of repeat offense cycle so often, it’s disgusting.

In fact, the spokesman said he doesn’t think the teens will still be in custody after Friday. He’s probably right.

What’s more, the department spokesman said in a brief press conference both teens are “validated gang members.” It’s obvious these two think the whole justice system is a joke and they’ve learned there are few consequences for their actions, so it’s likely they’re going to keep making dumb decisions like leading police on high-speed chases.

Images via Sheriff Jim Cooper/Facebook

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