Teens Use Stolen Hyundai As A Weapon Against Police

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Teens Use Stolen Hyundai As A Weapon Against Police
Teens Use Stolen Hyundai As A Weapon Against Police

Two teenagers in a stolen Hyundai led police in Whitehall, Ohio on quite the nerve-racking chase. The kids, because they technically are, even though they’re acting like hardened adult criminals, used the vehicle to hit a police cruiser head-on, turning the Hyundai into a weapon.

Hyundais and Kias are now the most stolen vehicles in America.

That head-on collision comes early in the dashcam footage. The whole chase sequence looks more like something out of a Hollywood film back before CGI ruined everything. While the teen who’s driving is no Michael Andretti, he’s a better wheelman than a lot of criminals we see running from cops.


The teen driver isn’t afraid to hop curbs, drive on grass strips, and think outside of the road. Since this is a little Hyundai and not a Jeep or G-Wagon, all that takes its toll. But the kid just keeps on pushing the Korean car hard as police from neighboring Columbus jump into the chase.

As the driver pushes the Hyundai through fast, sweeping turns and weaves around slower cars, he risks completely wrecking out. At one point he almost loses it, overcorrects, then somehow gets a reign on the sedan again.

Perhaps understanding the suspects, who allegedly did an aggravated robbery to trigger the chase, aren’t going to give up easily and constitute an extreme danger to the public, officers start playing hard ball. They ram into the Hyundai a few times, even spinning it out into another cruiser. But the suspects keep on pushing the battered car for all it’s worth.

Finally, one of the officers finally is able to perform a brutal PIT maneuver on the Hyundai, planting its nose in a tree trunk.

Unsurprisingly, both of these teen suspects apparently have quite the history with stealing cars. With how they drove in this attempted getaway, we’d say they’ve been practicing and will likely try putting their skills to the test again as soon as they’re released.

Image via PoliceActivity/YouTube

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