Tesla App Malfunction Strands Drivers

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Isn’t the future great?

Modern solutions create modern problems: that’s the lesson Tesla owners received in brutal fashion recently. On the night of November 19, the Tesla app which owners use as the key to unlock and start their car went down. That meant there was no getting inside the cars since having a manual override would be stupid and backwards. Welcome to the future of driving.

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According to reports, about 500 Tesla owners were affected by the app malfunction. Now, if I know the media well, which I absolutely do, that number could be much higher. But why would the media want to make the problem seem smaller than it actually is? What could they possibly gain by downplaying problems with electric cars?

Don’t worry, Tesla CEO Elon Musk apologized for the mishap, saying the company fixed the problem caused by “accidentally increased verbosity of network traffic.” Oopsie! He also was probably wondering why people didn’t just hop into one of the 10 or so other cars they obviously own, because that’s just totally normal.

Back when I was in high school and drove and old jalopy two of my siblings had totaled (it was rebuilt, twice) I accidentally locked the door with the keys in the ignition. The extra keys were in the house, but my parents were on a trip, so I had to walk to my sibling’s house to get the extra house keys, to then walk to my house to get in and get the extra car keys, then walk back to my car. It took all morning to to do that, but the entire fiasco was due to my stupid mistake, not the failure of an app.

You do get a key with your Tesla, but a lot of owners don’t carry them and choose to use the app instead since it’s cooler and more convenient, until there’s a problem like this. Maybe people will remember to keep the key on them in the future? But the most important takeaway from this is that electric cars and snazzy apps to unlock your doors are perfect, so don’t question and especially don’t criticize them of you will be labeled an obstacle to progress.

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