Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Delayed Because Of Big Ass Wiper

Photo: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg (Getty Images)
Photo: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg (Getty Images)

Tesla has halted production and deliveries of its troubled Cybertruck because of a problem with the electric motor that powers its stupid, big single windshield wiper. Cybertruck Owners Club forum users have posted on the site that deliveries have been pushed back by about a week due to a safety issue with the mechanism, andby safety issue, I mean that the motors will fail, leading to the safety hazard of, you know, not being able to see in the rain. It’s less than ideal.

Some folks on the forum said Tesla told them that the automaker would have to replace the windshield wiper motor on every single Cybertruck, but this hasn’t been confirmed by Tesla and no recall has been issued. Another near-owner posted to the Cybertruck sub-Reddit that his delivery date had been changed and Tesla had to “halt all deliveries for all cybertruck.”

One newly-minted Florida Cybertruck owner posted about a very scary experience he had with the Cybertrck’s wiper just 20 miles after he received it:


I picked up on Tuesday in Florida and left and made it 20 miles and it started pouring raining. Had to sit in a Dunkin Donuts for 3.5 hours and call Tesla roadside assistance because i couldn’t see. They took it to the SC and said it would be a few weeks before the wiper motor could be replaced. Once the rain passed, i took the CT and added some Rainx for now. But it was super dangerous…had to open my window and hang out the window to see until i could get to a safe place with the wiper not working.

This will almost certainly be the latest high-profile recall to hit each and every Cybertruck. One of the most notable is, of course, when a design flaw in the accelerator pedal meant it could get stuck in the full depressed position. Perhaps if Elon Musk spent a little bit more time developing the truck, issues like this could have been avoided, but we are all past that stage.

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