Tesla Cybertruck Frunk Is Hungry For Fingers

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It seems like every week another poorly executed feature on the Tesla Cybertruck emerges. Today’s lesson; the Cybertruck’s front trunk or frunk seems to have the potential to seriously injure misplaced fingers.

A video shared to X (Twitter) shows a Cybertruck’s frunk being put up against the closing mechanisms of other vehicles. In these tests veggies thankfully stand in for human fingers. The Cybertruck snaps the crudité placed on the sharp edge of the front lid without a second thought, while other luxury automakers’ trunk lids tend to leave the veggies intact, though it’s certainly not perfect across the board.


And if you think this tweet is a one off problem, similar videos are popping up on other social media sites:

Most vehicles that have features like automatic closing doors, trunks, etc, have sensors that will detect and stop doors from closing if something like an extremity is detected in the gap. The Cybertruck doesn’t appear to have that around the frunk’s edges, allowing the door to completely close on the veggies. Imagining your finger in there is enough to give anyone pause. The truck does have a censor for the front of the frunk’s door, but not on the pointy, smashy sides.

It’s just one more dangerous issues not completely thought out on this half-baked vehicle. Along with a digit-hungry frunk, the Cybertruck reportedly suffers from poor driver visibility, junk-attracting body panels, over-hyped off-roading bona fides, potentially fatal software glitches and more.

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