Tesla Cybertruck’s ‘Vault’ Is A Leaky Mess

Photo: Tristar Media (Getty Images)
Photo: Tristar Media (Getty Images)

Add the Tesla Cybertruck’s “Vault” to the list of things about the electric pickup that haven’t lived up to the hype. As it turns out, the tonneau cover meant to make the bed of the Cybertruck impenetrable has a hard time keeping things like water out of the truck’s rear.

TikToker molesrcool – who has been chronicling Cybertruck issues for a long time – posted a video showing how the Cybertruck’s “Vault” lets a whole lot of water inside the truck’s bed. It’s not ideal if you’ve got stuff back there you’d like to keep dry, and it just shows another failing of the Cybertruck to live up to even the smallest iota of usefulness that was promised. Aftermarket bed and tonneau covers do not have this issue.



According to the post, water is coming in from both the front and back of the Cybertruck’s bed – meaning there is more than one fail point. If you are a Cybertruck owner and you don’t want to get your stuff wet, don’t worry – Tesla will sell you three “Cybertruck Vault Cargo Bins” for an astonishing $225. Gadzooks. That’s $75 a bin, and you’d need six of them to fill the bed. For reference, you can pick up similar bins at Walmart for prices as low as $14.

A quick look at the Cybertruck Owners Club forum shows this is not an isolated issue. Earlier this year, a user posted a picture of the inside of his Cybertruck’s bed covered in water even though the “Vault” was closed.

An owner called it “mostly waterproof,” which in other terms means “not waterproof.” They said their truck was leaking from the upper corner after having water sprayed in the area, but in light-moderate rain, it isn’t leaking. Another said the bed performed “quite well enough” but if you need something to really stay dry it’s best to put it in the cab.

There are plenty of other threads of the forum about the issue such as “Water in truck bed after heavy rain or washing” and “Cybertruck tailgate misaligned causing water to leak into truck bed.” Oh, the joys of Cybertruck ownership.

This is just the latest in a long string of Tesla Cybertruck issues. We’ve covered everything from finger-eating frunks and unintended acceleration to lies about the Cybertruck’s bed length and a windshield wiper recall.

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