This is the Tesla Cybertruck's Battery Capacity, Per EPA Documents

2024 tesla cybertruck
This Is the Cybertruck's Battery CapacityTesla
  • Tesla announced the Cybertruck all-wheel drive will go an estimated 340 miles on a full charge.

  • The company claims the truck uses 42.9 kWh of capacity over 100 miles of driving.

  • EPA documents submitted by Tesla include details on the pack's actual capacity.

Update 12/6/2023: Documents submitted by Tesla to the EPA put the 2024 Cybertruck all-wheel drive and Cyberbeast's battery capacity at an estimated 122.4 kWh. That's 2.6 kWh less than the more conservative sum we estimated.

Coinciding with the delivery of its first batch of 2024 Cybertrucks, Tesla revealed more details about its battery-electric pickup truck that offers up to 845 horsepower and can tow up to 11,000 pounds.


The company, however, left one thing off the truck's spec sheet: its battery capacity. Fortunately, our tech team is proficient at combing through data and solving complicated math equations. With Tesla sharing that the mid-level 600-hp Cybertruck all-wheel drive can travel an estimated 340 miles on a full charge, all the while burning 42.9 kWh of electricity every 100 miles, our team of number crunchers was able to deduce the—estimated—capacity of the multi-motor model's battery pack.

Calculating this number required a few assumptions, though. Notably, we had to presume Tesla used the EPA's methods to achieve these figures. With that assumption made, we used data from our test of a 2020 Tesla Model Y Performance as a reference for ensuring the accuracy of our estimate.

2024 tesla cybertruck

Cue a montage of numerals, notations, and equations superimposed over the tired but determined mugs of our editors as they went about scribbling digits and formulas on the office white board, then erasing said digits and formulas, then scribbling even more. After brewing multiple pots of coffee and sucking down cigarettes, our editors finally came to a consensus: the net battery capacity of the Cybertruck all-wheel drive is somewhere between 125.0 and 130.0 kWh.

But you want one specific number, right? So, for argument's sake, let's meet in the middle and call it 127.5 kWh—or 128.0 kWh if you prefer a whole number.

2024 tesla cybertruck

Though this estimated capacity applies specifically to the Cybertruck all-wheel drive that Tesla provided efficiency figures for, we're almost certain the top-of-the-line 845-hp Cybertruck Cyberbeast uses the same pack to achieve its manufacturer-estimated range of 320 miles.

If those range estimates are a bit too low for your liking, then don't worry. Tesla offers an available range extender that takes the form of an additional battery pack mounted in the Cybertruck's bed. Opting for this item pushes the Cybertruck all-wheel drive and Cyberbeast's ranges north of 470 and 440 miles, respectively, per Tesla. The company provides no capacity figure for the range extender, nor have we done the math to figure it out...yet.

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