A Tesla driver was fatally shot following an argument at a charging station

A Tesla Model 3 charges at a Supercharger.
A 33-year-old man in suburban Denver was fatally shot following an altercation at a Tesla Supercharger station, authorities say.Paul Hennessy/NurPhoto via Getty Images
  • A Tesla driver in Colorado was fatally shot on Wednesday at a Tesla Supercharger station.

  • Authorities say the 33-year-old was hospitalized with a single gunshot wound and later died.

  • The man who allegedly shot the driver left the scene before calling police; he was subsequently taken into custody.

A Tesla driver was killed Wednesday following an altercation at a charging station.

The 33-year-old man, whose name has not been released, was fatally shot at a Tesla Supercharger station in Edgewater, a suburb of Denver,  following an argument, according to Jenny Fulton, a spokesperson for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. The victim was taken to a hospital for a single gunshot wound, she said, and he was pronounced dead there.


The man who allegedly shot the Tesla driver left the scene before calling police to report what happened, Fulton said. He was later taken into custody.

The Edgewater Police Department declined to comment on the investigation, which is ongoing.

Tesla has roughly 18,000 Superchargers in the US where drivers can recharge for up to 200 miles in just 15 minutes.

Earlier this year, it was announced that Elon Musk's electric vehicle company will make at least 7,500 of these these fast-charging stations available to all EVs, no matter the make, by the end of 2024 as part of the US government's push to have at least 500,000 chargers accessible to all EV drivers by 2030. Tesla Superchargers were previously only available to owners of Tesla vehicles.

The change has raised eyebrows for some Tesla owners, who worry it will mean longer lines for the fast-charging plugs.

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