Tesla Model S and Model X Base Prices Drop Once Again

tesla model s standard range
Tesla Model S, Model X Base Prices Drop Yet AgainTesla
  • The Tesla Model S and Model X's base prices have dropped again, and the recently revealed Standard Range models are gone too.

  • The Model S now starts at $76,380, which is down from the $79,880 base price for the short-lived short-range version.

  • The Model X now starts at $81,380 (down from the Standard Range's $89,880 base price); Tesla's SUV is also now eligible for the $7500 federal EV tax credit.

UPDATE 9/1/23: Along with revealing a refreshed Model 3, Tesla has once again slashed prices for the Model S and Model X. Just a couple weeks ago, the company introduced new Standard Range versions of both models with base prices that were $10K less than their long-range counterparts. Now, those shorter-range variants are gone, but the long-range Model S and Model X are even cheaper, starting at $76,380 and $81,380, respectively. Also notable is that the SUV is now eligible for the $7500 federal EV tax credit, as long as its MSRP (not including destination) is under the $80K cap set by the Inflation Reduction Act; the Model S isn't eligible because it exceeds the $55K cap for cars. Finally, Tesla no longer charges extra for certain paint colors on the Model S or Model X, and the high-performance tri-motor Plaid versions of both also receive price cuts, dropping nearly $18,500 from $109,880 to $91,390.

The price of new Teslas has been up and down and moving all around. Over the past year or so, the company has adjusted the cost of its four models myriad times, and now the Model S and Model X can be had for $10,000 less than last week following the introduction of new Standard Range models.

Model S and X Price Drops

Tesla yesterday launched shorter-range variants of the Model S and Model X, as reported by Reuters. The Model S Standard Range carries a $79,880 base price, which costs $10K less than the next-level dual-motor model. However, the discounted price comes with a lot less EPA-estimated range—320 versus 405 miles. The tri-motor Model S Plaid currently starts at $109,880 and advertises 396 miles of range.

tesla model x standard range

The Model X Standard Range starts at $89,880 and has an EPA-estimated range of 269 miles per charge. That's exactly $10K less than the longer-range model, which has a considerably longer 348-mile estimate. Meanwhile, the tri-motor Model X Plaid currently starts at $109,880 and advertises 333 miles of range.

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