Tesla Model S Plaid yoke “steering wheel”

Wondering how the yoke works? Here’s a quick tour of the Tesla Model S Plaid’s wild steering yoke.

Video Transcript

- Hey, guys. We're here in the Tesla Model S Plaid, and I have the long-storied yoke directly in front of me. You guys have probably heard a lot about it at this point. This one in particular is a little worse for wear. You can see the covering has half-frayed off here after 19,000 miles of use. But let's do a quick little overview of what we see on the wheel itself here.

On the left, you have your turn indicators. So you can press that, turns it on. Press it again, you turn it off. You press your headlight button over there to bring up a headlight menu. Press the windshield wiper button to bring up the windshield wiper menu. You also have a horn button and a little voice control button to bring up the assistant on the infotainment system. These little nubs here also have function. So you can use them to adjust various things throughout the car, such as the mirrors and/or the steering wheel position.

But you guys are probably curious about how this is working so far. In small or tight maneuvers, it's definitely difficult because you're expecting there to be an actual rim there. But there is nothing there when you go ahead and grab it. So you're really oddly doing a hand over hand thing with it. On the highway, this is actually a really great place to rest your hands. It's a very, very long and wide horizontal space. You can just hold on to it right there and keeps autopilot on the straight and narrow. So some pluses, though I got to say mostly minuses so far for the yoke.