Tesla Is The Most Shorted Automotive Stock, Well Ahead Of Rivian And Ford

Photo: Loopnet
Photo: Loopnet

Tesla’s stock has been a wild ride of ups and downs over the last twelve months, seeing a high value of just over $300 per share last September to a low value of $108.10 per share in January. Things have rebounded for the electric automaker with shares currently trading hands at $262.80. With little more than a disappointing Cybertruck and a barely facelifted Model 3 on the horizon, and delay after delay befalling the company’s semi truck and sports car efforts, many investors are actively betting against Tesla right now.

According to a report from Barrons and short-selling research firm S3 Partners, Tesla is the number one most shorted automotive stock. Some $22 billion in Tesla shares have been borrowed by short sellers and resold. With a market cap hovering around $828 billion, that’s just around 2.7 percent of the company’s total shares, but it adds up to a huge dollar figure and gives some investors pause.

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By percentage of market cap Tesla is only slightly higher than average when it comes to short positions. Fisker’s short position is about 43 percent of its market cap, while Lucid’s is 23 percent and Nikola’s is 21 percent.

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