Tesla’s newest model receives high praise after acing stringent vehicle tests: ‘Tesla is recognized for its car safety’

The future of driving may have just gotten safer. The newly upgraded Tesla Model 3 electric sedan, also called “Project Highland,” recently earned top marks across multiple safety and technology categories in China’s stringent IVISTA Intelligent Vehicle Integration Test.

The redesigned Model 3 is a pure vision car, as Teslarati notes. It forgoes radar sensors in favor of eight exterior cameras that enable advanced driver assistance features (automated steering, braking, lane changes, and parking).

Despite skepticism over the vision-only approach, the vehicle received the highest possible ratings in IVISTA testing for smart driving, security, human-machine interaction, and smart energy efficiency, earning five out of five stars overall per Teslarati.

This score comes after glowing crash-test safety credentials of the original Model 3, which was named the vehicle with the lowest injury probability by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in 2018.


The NHTSA found that Tesla vehicles were involved in “1.3 accidents per million miles driven, compared to the average of 1.9 accidents per million miles driven for all vehicles,” as reported by JT Legal Group.

Consumer adoption of electric vehicles continues to gain momentum. Case in point: Worldwide, Tesla produced 1.85 million vehicles in 2023 alone, representing a 35% increase from 2022.

As more motorists transition to EVs, individual and collective benefits accumulate from curtailed tailpipe pollution. Making the switch from gas-guzzlers to electricity-powered cars helps every driver breathe easier — literally.

The upgraded Model 3’s performance appears to validate Tesla’s industry-leading innovations in sustainable automotive engineering. However, it’s unlikely a single product or brand will ever unilaterally realize pollution-reduction goals. Success requires ongoing commitment across public and private spheres to enact systemic changes that enable greener choices.

News outlets worldwide weren’t surprised by Tesla’s top marks.

“Tesla is recognized for its car safety, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the improved Model 3 is just as safe — if not safer — than the original Model 3,” said the EconoTimes after the IVISTA test results were released.

EV A2Z noted that the latest Model 3 has yet to undergo safety tests from other reputable safety agencies like the European New Car Assessment Programme and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, but “given that the upgraded model retained its predecessor’s structure, it would surely receive the same 5-star ratings as the original.”

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