Tesla Offers $1,000 To Cybertruck Reservation Holders To Get A Different Tesla

A Tesla Cybertruck sharing energy with a Tesla Model 3
A Tesla Cybertruck sharing energy with a Tesla Model 3

Another Tesla vehicle could be the perfect accessory for your new Cybertruck

Tesla is offering a $1,000 discount to Cybertruck reservation holders who place an order or lease for another model. The new discount does raise a few questions in the wake of the Cybertruck Delivery Event. Why would someone purchasing a Cybertruck want to buy another vehicle immediately? How long are reservation holders going to wait before receiving their post-apocalyptic pickups?

This discount is being offered to customers who made a reservation before the live-streamed delivery event. To take advantage of the $1,000, an order must be made for a new Model 3, Model Y, Model S or Model X before the end of this year.


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It makes financial sense from Tesla’s viewpoint to push tried and true products to the automaker’s most zealous supporters. Those holding reservations might not care about numbers on spreadsheets and the company’s bottom line. Tesla fans could grow frustrated by being encouraged to spend even more money while waiting for the transformational electric pickup they were promised.

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