Tesla Owner Prepares Meals In Her Car

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Tesla Owner Prepares Meals In Her Car
Tesla Owner Prepares Meals In Her Car

Sometime in the past two years or so (we’re actively trying to repress the memory) disgusting cooking videos became a thing on social media. We’re talking people making food in such unappetizing ways they liked caused a spike in eating disorders. Just when we thought that kind of putrid foolishness was over, someone tipped us off about a Tesla owner who regularly posts videos of herself cooking in her vehicle.

Drunk Tesla driver cries for her rich daddy.

Why does she cook inside her Tesla? Because she can, obviously. One could technically cook meals inside their 1974 Chevy truck or a 2007 Toyota Corolla, but since she has a Tesla and they’re expensive this is somehow more appealing or shocking or we just don’t understand this.


You see, there are people unfortunate enough to be living in their car. And since eating at even fast food joints has become shockingly expensive, they’re using a hot plate or whatever else to prepare meals in their only shelter. But this chick is doing it in her expensive electric car to get social media attention. And here we are… boosting her reach. We’re sorry but we also had to cover this train wreck of a story.

Her cooking videos are already getting plenty of attention as people are shocked and horrified. Our only hope is we spread this so far and wide Gordon Ramsey himself puts a stop to the nonsense. If Tesla cooking videos become the new social media trend, it’s going to be a long, dark winter.

It’s stuff like this that keeps people off Instagram or wherever else she’s posting these culinary transgressions. Also, this is why Tesla drivers have such a bad reputation in enthusiasts circles, because they’re all about novel irony and treat their cars like giant rolling social media studios.

Heaven help us all.

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