Tesla owner in viral video that showed her trying to put gas in her EV said she'd had 'a long day'

Tesla owner in viral video that showed her trying to put gas in her EV said she'd had 'a long day'
  • A video of a woman trying to put gas in her Tesla went viral on social media.

  • The woman, Danielle Wright, told a tabloid that the car was new and that it had been "a long day."

  • People on social media pointed out that the video looked staged.

A video of a woman attempting to fuel her Tesla at a gas station went viral earlier this month. The social media influencer told the Daily Star she'd simply forgotten the car didn't take gas.

"I honestly don't know what I was doing, it was the end of a long day and the car is brand new," Danielle Wright told the tabloid. "I just rolled up into the petrol station thinking about the sweets I was going to get from the counter rather than the fact my car doesn't actually need petrol."

The video of Wright has generated millions of views on social media and even got a response from Elon Musk.



"Happens from time to time," Musk tweeted earlier this month. "Habits die hard."

In the video, which was taken from the car parked behind Wright, she pulls up to a gas station and looks for a spot to insert the fuel nozzle. At one point, she even attempts to insert the fuel line into the Tesla's charging port. Meanwhile, the two men recording the incident mock Wright and eventually tell her to stop trying to fuel the car with gasoline.

"What do you not understand?" one man can be heard saying. "It's electric. It doesn't take petrol."

Wright, who is based in the UK, did not respond to a request for comment from Insider ahead of publication.

While some hybrid cars can take both gas and EV charging, gasoline can damage a traditional electric car. If gas were to be put into an EVs charging port it could ruin the engine or cause a fire, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The video generated numerous negative comments on social media, with many users pointing out that the video appears staged.

Wright told the Daily Star that she received "thousands of messages" about the video, but added that she's used to the negative feedback due to her career as an adult content creator.

"I'm so used to being called fake," Wright told the tabloid. "Fake boobs, fake this, fake that. People online can say what they want but it was an embarrassing mistake."

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