Tesla shares wild footage of a Cybertruck scaling a steep, off-road trail known as Hell's Revenge

Tesla's Cybertruck began deliveries last November.Tesla
  • Tesla shared a video of a Cybertruck scaling a difficult off-road trail in Utah.

  • Cybertruck's lead engineer, Wes Morrill, commented that it felt like "off-roading in easy mode."

  • The tri-motor version of the vehicle, Cyberbeast, impressively reached the top of the rocky trail.

Tesla posted a wild video of a Cybertruck scaling a huge rocky formation in Utah.

The electric truck, which was shown with a driver inside, conquered the off-road trail known as Hell's Revenge in the video.

The truck scaled the route, which is about 6.5 miles long and can take two to three hours to navigate, The Bureau of Land Management's website said.

Travel site describes Hell's Revenge as having "steep climbs, descents, and some edges that are not for the faint of heart."


In an X post, Cybertruck's lead engineer, Wes Morrill, said: "We've been sharpening the pencil for Off-Road controls and that will come to the fleet in an OTA update."

Morrill said navigating Hell's Revenge with the tri-motor EV, called Cyberbeast, is "like off-roading in easy mode." He added that two dual-motor Cybertrucks, which have its graffiti logo on the side, also completed the trail.

Tesla shared another video in December, in which it compared how far the tri-motor Cyberbeast could tow a 35,000-pound sled with other vehicles, including the Ford F-350 diesel truck.

The Cyberbeast truck managed to drive 318 feet with the sled, while the Ford truck got up to 263 feet.

The videos demonstrate some of the vehicle's impressive capabilities when put under pressure.

The vehicle also has a "wade mode" feature that allows it to be driven through about 30 inches of water. When in wade mode, the Cybertruck's ride height rises, and its battery pressurizes.

Tesla began deliveries of the electric pickup truck on November 30. The estimated starting price is $99,990 for the Cyberbeast, 320-mile range model.

The rear-wheel-drive model has an estimated starting cost of $60,990, although Tesla's website shows that the model won't be available until 2025.

Tesla didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider, made outside normal working hours.

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