Tesla's Ridiculous Steering Yoke Is Now a $250 Option

tesla steering yoke
Tesla's Ridiculous Steering Yoke Is Now $250Tesla

Tesla's controversial steering yoke, originally standard equipment on the Model S and Model X starting in 2021, is now a $250 option according to Tesla's online configurator.

The electric carmaker's configurator updated Tuesday night to reflect the change, according to Electrek. The update comes just a few months after Tesla caved and offered a round steering wheel as an option to replace the yoke in January, before making the steering wheel standard and moving the yoke to the options list in March. From then, the yoke was a no-cost add-on. But now, buyers will have to pay a premium.

We don't suspect many Model S and X buyers will check that option box. The steering yoke is a controversial piece of equipment, its impracticality stemming from difficult usage during low-speed maneuvers. We called it a "needless distraction" that "impedes vehicle control" in our 2021 review of the Model S Plaid.


CEO Elon Musk confirmed Tesla is developing a progressive steering rack to fix the yoke's low-speed awkwardness, much like Lexus has done with the RZ450e. But that solution is still a few years out, says Electrek.

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