Testing suggests new Extreme H is “a huge step” from Extreme E – Hosaas

RACER has been given an insight into the development of the new Extreme H race car, which has been undergoing testing in France with two-time Le Mans winner Romain Dumas and Extreme E racer Hedda Hosaas.

Extreme E will transition into Extreme H next year, becoming the world’s first hydrogen-powered racing series, with the current Odyssey 21 Extreme E racing car being replaced by an as-yet-unnamed new platform that will be revealed this summer.

Speaking between tests recently, Hosaas told RACER that the new car is “a huge development from the last car.”

“They’ve learned so much through the seasons with Extreme E,” she said. “They’ve started so much higher than they did with the Extreme E car, so I think it’s going to be very good. We’ve only tested it on tight tracks – hopefully in Sardinia we’re going to try a track which is wider and and even faster, which were a problem with the Extreme E car.”


While the biggest difference is obviously the integration of a hydrogen fuel cell, another major change is the switch to a single-seater, central driving position, which will force changes to the mid-race driver change process.

“The Switch Zone’s going to have to be longer because it takes longer to get into the middle of the car,” said Hosaas. “It felt bigger, but it really isn’t, it’s about the same size.”

Further changes under the skin include the dampers – which are the result of more than three seasons of development in Extreme E, and which Hosaas says will lessen the frequency of “kickers” that have made the cars unpredictable – and the steering.

Hosaas has raced in Extreme E with Veloce, JBXE, and McLaren. Colin McMaster/Motorsport Images

“It will handle better, the dampers are totally different,” she said. “The steering is a bit quicker, because the Extreme E car can be a bit more lazy. I think it’s better and you get used to it.

“There’s many things that still have to be done, but I think it’s a huge step. It’s so much better than the Extreme E car, so I’m excited to be part of the development.”

While the car’s finished form hasn’t been shown to the public just yet, Hosaas teased that visually it’s an improvement on the outgoing Extreme E car as well.

“Many have said, with electric cars, that they have a boring look because they don’t like them, and I think this one is actually quite cool and I like the design,” she said. “In general, I think it’s going to be very good.”

Testing is continuing in France with Hosaas and Dumas, with high-speed testing between September’s two Island X Prix events in Sardinia also planned.

Story originally appeared on Racer