Texas Couple Rescue Man Trapped In A Flooded Truck

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Texas Couple Rescue Man Trapped In A Flooded Truck
Texas Couple Rescue Man Trapped In A Flooded Truck

A couple in Houston, Texas jumped into action, saving a man who was trapped in his pickup truck in the middle of a flooded drainage ditch. The whole ordeal was captured in cellphone footage, showing just how desperate the effort was to get the man out before he drowned.

Watch a Lexus LC brave the floodwaters in Houston.

Robert Chance and his girlfriend weren’t even supposed to be at the bridge where the man’s truck was almost completely submerged. They took a wrong turn in stormy weather, then saw the pickup and noticed a man inside was waving for help.

Chance didn’t think twice, grabbing a sledgehammer and jumping down onto the truck’s hood. He signaled to the man to get away from the glass, then tried breaking through. Windshields are more difficult to break, so eventually Chance climbed to the back window, broke that, and pulled the man out.


Another man happened along the scene and had a ladder, which he used to help the men climb out of the ditch.

Speaking with KHOU 11, Chance said he wouldn’t hesitate to help someone in the same situation “no hands down.” It’s great to know there are people like him who are always looking out for others, even at their own risk.

The Houston area has been dealing with flooding as storms have turned areas which normally are fairly dry into raging rivers. We don’t know how this man’s truck became caught in the current of the drainage ditch, but we do know drivers need to exercise caution.

It doesn’t take much fast-flowing water to sweep away even heavier passenger vehicles. Sometimes water looks fairly calm on the surface, but a swift undercurrent is able to pick a truck’s tires off the ground, putting everyone inside at risk of drowning in a watery coffin.

In other words, it’s best to not drive through flooded roads.

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