Texas Driving Instructor Accused Of Sexual Assault

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Texas Driving Instructor Accused Of Sexual Assault
Texas Driving Instructor Accused Of Sexual Assault

When you send your teenager to a driver’s education school, you’re entrusting the instructors not only will teach proper skills and habits but also that they won’t take advantage. Unfortunately, a former high school teacher and driving instructor has been accused of groping a female student in Houston, with more people coming forward with their own accusations.

Watch a cop teach an entitled woman a lesson she won’t soon forget.

This is the type of situation most parents fear deeply. The instructor, 61-year-old Ronald Avery Eglin, has been accused of inappropriately touching a 17-year-old female student, reports ABC 13. It all started with the man allegedly rubbing the girl’s thigh while she was out driving with him.


Back at the driving school’s office, Eglin is accused of forcibly touching the girl and making her touch him back. This is the point where most parents would decide to exact their own brand of justice and deal with the courts after the fact.

The report states that after assaulting the underage girl, Eglin then showed her videos of him and other underage girls performing sex acts together. The girl allegedly recognized one of the other victims as a friend of hers.

If true, this would make the man a serial rapist. A spokesman for the police department said at a press conference that the man has abused his role as a driving instructor. This raises the question of how nothing has been done about this before and how his employer was so clueless about what he was doing. But it sounds like he might own the driving school.

ABC 13 claims charging documents reference five other police reports involving Eglin, including one from 2018 “citing a sexual performance by a child.” Two of the reports are from 2023, with one involving a “sex offense.” How was this man allowed to be alone with children?

The guy apparently used to work at a local high school, but the school district told ABC 13 he isn’t allowed in any school facilities, at any activities, or even at student pickup/drop-off points. The district wouldn’t confirm what role Eglin had at the high school.

Hopefully Houston police get to the bottom of this and anyone else who’s been victimized has the courage to step forward. If this man has been assaulting students for years, he needs to be stopped from ever being alone with a child again.

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