Texas Law Enforcement Seize 24 Stolen Classic Cars

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We need more busts like this…

Sometimes the normies forget that it’s not just Kias and Hyundais being stolen by TikTok-addicted kids that’s a problem these days. There are crooks swiping modern performance and luxury cars as well as classic rides, making it necessary for everyone to be extra cautious. But thanks to the investigative work of Galveston County Sheriff’s Office, 24 stolen classic cars have been seized and should go back to their rightful owners.

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Investigators from sheriff’s office, working with the Galveston County Auto Crimes Task Force, executed search warrants at two different locations on June 28. One was a business called Classic American Street Rods, according to a press release from the sheriff’s office.


Not only did law enforcement officials seize the 24 classic cars that are allegedly stolen, they found “numerous” car parts, saying all that totals of value of about $2 million. As a result, one Richard Thomas Finley was arrested after the district attorney’s office authorized a felony arrest warrant for him.

According to a report from The Daily News, investigators are accusing Finley of stealing customer cars after they dropped them off for repairs. Apparently, Classic American Street Rods has been closed since sometime last year. We’ve seen this sort of thing happen, both in the news and real life, and the fallout can be pretty intense. It’s great to hear those customers will be getting their vehicles back, although it’s unclear in what state.

We definitely recommend if you’re going to use a shop, choose one with a solid reputation and that’s insured. You can check the BBB and with your state’s consumer protection office as well. But in the end, you are to a degree taking a gamble dropping your vehicle off at a shop, so always keep that in mind.

Image via The Daily News

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