Texas Man Found Alive 3 Hours After Horrific Car Crash

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Texas Man Found Alive 3 Hours After Horrific Car Crash
Texas Man Found Alive 3 Hours After Horrific Car Crash

Getting into a horrible car crash is a fear many people have and it’s easy to see why, especially if you’ve ever been in one. Believe it or not, there’s something far worse: getting ejected from a car during a horrific crash, then lying helpless on the ground hundreds of feet away, yelling for help but without anyone coming to get you. That’s what one 61-year-old man driving a Jeep Gladiator went through for three agonizing hours.

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The accident involved four different vehicles on FM 1314, south of the Texas 242 on a stretch of road across from Thunder Gun Range. According to a report from The Courier of Montgomery County, witnesses claim the Jeep crossed the center line, sideswiping a Kia Soul heading the opposite direction. That Kia flipped and landed in a ditch.

From there, the Gladiator hit a Toyota 4Runner and Ford Edge, went airborne, and finally landing on top of the Toyota.


When first responders arrived, they couldn’t find the Jeep Gladiator driver even though witnesses didn’t see the man run off. The doors were all jammed shut from the wreck, but the sunroof was broken out, the glass scattered across the road for hundreds of feet.

A helicopter was called in to use infrared to scan the nearby woods in an attempt to find the missing man. While some thought he had fled the crash he reportedly caused, others weren’t convinced. However, the helicopter search turned up nothing, the same as a search on foot continued, which involved wading through knee-deep waters.

Three hours after the crash, the helicopter crew located the Gladiator driver about 200 yards into the woods. Troopers arrived first, shocked to find the man alive and in stable condition.

Four people involved in the accident were hospitalized, including the Ford Edge and Kia Soul drivers, and of course the man driving the Jeep Gladiator, who was lucky to have survived the ordeal. An infant that was in a car seat in the back of the Toyota 4Runner not only survived, the child didn’t have a single scratch from the ordeal.

One witness to the crash said she thought the Jeep hit the curb on the edge of the road, then the driver overcorrected, which caused him to veer into oncoming traffic. Stay frosty, everyone, and stay safe!

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