Texas Man Somehow Gets On Airplane Without Ticket

Photo: C. van Grinsven/SOPA Images/LightRocket (Getty Images)
Photo: C. van Grinsven/SOPA Images/LightRocket (Getty Images)

A Delta passenger from Texas somehow managed to use a child’s boarding pass to get on a flight from Salt Lake City, Utah to Austin, Texas;flight attendants caught onto his little scheme after he hid in multiple bathrooms shortly before takeoff. Salt Lake City police arrested Wicliff Fleurizard on March 17 after he was removed from Flight 1683.

Fleurizard managed to board the Airbus A320 and stayed in the front lavatory for an extended period of time, according to USA Today. Right before the plane was set to take off for Austin, he exited the front lavatory, walked down the plane, and entered a different lavatory at the rear of the aircraft. That’s when a flight attendant noticed there were no remaining seats available, so they approached the 26-year-old to see where the hell he was supposed to be sitting.

Well, folks, he wasn’t supposed to be sitting anywhere. After giving the flight attendant a seat number and his name, they realized he was not a passenger on this flight. In fact, he wasn’t a passenger on any flight. They tried to search for his name to see if he was supposed to be on a different Delta flight or any others, but the search yielded zero results. Because of that, the plane was forced to make a quick U-turn back to the boarding bridge where SLC police were called.


Here’s how Fleurizard was able to get on Flight 1683, according to USA Today:

When police officers arrived, they questioned the Delta Air Lines staff and discovered that a minor passenger, who was traveling alone, was having trouble boarding the flight. Security showed Fleurizard taking pictures of many travelers boarding passes without their knowledge, according to court records. When the minor went to scan their boarding pass, a message alerted the Delta agent that, “[this passenger] was already onboard.”

Fleurizard told officers that he was trying to get back home to see his family after his scheduled flight on another airline was booked. Fleurizard said he tried to book another flight the following day but encountered the same issue. Fleurizard admitted his mistake but said he was in Utah for a snowboarding trip and was headed back home, the documents revealed.


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) told USA TODAY that Fleurizard passed through the airport’s checkpoint with the proper identification and boarding pass information.

”We have looked into this matter and learned that the individual in question was screened without an incident at the security checkpoint at Salt Lake City international Airport on Sunday, March 17 using a photo ID that matched the name on the boarding pass,” the TSA said.

The TSA initiated a federal case review with the assistance of a Salt Lake City police-FBI task force officer, according to police.

Salt Lake City Police arrested Fleurizard and took him to Salt Lake City Metro Jail, according to USA Today. Delta Airlines told the paper that they are, “cooperating with law enforcement and relevant federal agencies,” regarding the incident.

Listen, was Fleurizard’s move ill-advised and dangerous? Sure, but it was also very funny, and I think points should be awarded for that.

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