Thank God, I Can Finally Get Tires For My Ferrari Enzo Again

Image: Ferrari
Image: Ferrari

When the Ferrari Enzo supercar launched to the world back in 2002, the best that Pirelli could build was wrapped around the wheels of the angular icon. By today’s standards, after 22 years of development, those tires might as well be trash. For the Enzo to stand tall and deliver in 2024, it needs new shoes, and Pirelli is here to bring the party back to Enzo ownership. That’s right, a new P Zero Corsa System tire for the Ferrari Enzo has arrived in 245/35 R19 for the front and 345/35 R19 for the rear. According to Pirelli the new tire has modern materials and technologies, despite having “an identical appearance to the original.”

New tires haven’t been available for many years for the Enzo, leading owners to park their glorious V12-powered toys for fear of running out of tire supply. Surely there’s no other reason someone would buy a car like this and then conclude the best thing to do is to not drive it. Thankfully these owners won’t have anything to worry about anymore, and they can bring their pre-recession supercars out of hiding. You hear that billionaires? We’ll know you’re cowards if we don’t see you out and about in your Enzo.

Ferrari has been the remora suckerfish to Pirelli’s great white shark for over 70 years now, as the two move through the world in a mutualistic arrangement. As Pirelli’s tire technologies improve over decades of development, Ferrari gets to engineer better cars with more astounding handling capabilities. Better tires means better cars, which in turn means better tires. Here’s what Pirelli has to say:


Designed in the early 2000s to be the sportiest of the road range, it has a specific structure that gives it maximum stability at high speeds and when cornering, allowing it to also be used on the track. The two different tread designs, directional for the front and asymmetric for the rear, also reduce the phenomenon of aquaplaning. The new tire was tested using Ferrari test drivers, who rediscovered the same sporty character of the time, now combined with greater safety and reliability thanks to the use of the most up-to-date compounds.

This is the third in a series of recent additions to the Pirelli Collezione range for vintage Ferrari cars, following a pair of 18" tire sizes for the F50, and staggered 17" tire sizes for the F40.

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