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The Beats Fit Pro are on sale for $160, including some newer colors

Some safer colors are also on sale.


If you've wants Beats' most value-packed wireless earbuds but wanted them in a more vibrant color, now's the time to buy them. Amazon is selling the Beats Fit Pro in its latest colors (Coral Pink, Tidal Blue and Volt Yellow) for $160, or $40 off. All but the Kim Kardashian variants are discounted if you'd rather have a relatively safe hue like black or sage gray.

Beats' latest wireless earbud colors are at their best price yet.
$160 at Amazon

The Beats Fit Pro are our favorite workout earbuds for a good reason: the feature set is practically tailor-made for exercise. They have a secure but comfortable fit, and their balanced yet strong bass is well-suited to a thumping dance or rap track. Good active noise cancellation and a six-hour battery life also make these buds useful well beyond the gym.

There are some considerations before you leap on these buds. While the Beats Fit Pro are generally more Android-friendly than AirPods, they're unsurprisingly optimized for Apple devices. The absence of wireless charging may also be a setback if you'd rather not plug in. At this price, though, they're a better bargain than the AirPods Pro — you're getting solid sound quality and most of the convenience for considerably less.

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