Thermal Club slashes IndyCar ticket prices, partially refunds existing ticketholders

The Thermal Club has issued significant refunds to those who’ve purchased the limited number of $2000 tickets for the March 22-24 NTT IndyCar Series event it will host.

Happy and surprised fans have reported receiving emails from the Coachella Valley-based road course detailing 75-percent refunds, with the three-day ticket reduced to $500 apiece, as part of a new development for the event which offers two days of IndyCar testing and the $1 Million Challenge all-star race to close the weekend.

“The county has given us the opportunity to bring some more people in, so we’ve lowered the price,” Thermal Club GM Nicholas Rhoades told RACER. “And before anybody heard that we were going to lower the price, we wanted to go ahead and refund all the people that already paid. We wanted to make sure to get them taken care of first, so we decreased ticket prices and refunded the difference to everybody that already purchased tickets and now they’ll be available at the new price.”


Rhoades says his team is working with the local government to finalize the exact number of spectators the private facility in Thermal, California, can welcome.

“We’re still in the process,” he said. “But we’re going to be able to have more fans there to watch IndyCars.”

Story originally appeared on Racer