Thief Rams Toronto Police With Stolen BMW X5

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Thief Rams Toronto Police With Stolen BMW X5
Thief Rams Toronto Police With Stolen BMW X5

After two violent carjackings, Toronto Police were on the hunt for the suspects. Little did they know soon they too would feel the wrath of these suspects as they turned the X5 they stole into an assault Bimmer.

Watch police spike and PIT out a fleeing BMW.

The first carjacking happened on April 6. The victim was getting out of his BMW X5 when a white SUV pulled up behind his vehicle and three men exited, all wearing masks. That’s usually not a good sign.

One of the suspects had a gun, so when they demanded the guy’s keys, he handed them right over. We don’t think any vehicle is worth getting shot over, so that’s probably a wise move.


For five days the suspects laid low, then they made their next move, targeting yet another high-end SUV. As a Toronto man was filling up his Lamborghini Urus a gray sedan pulled up and four suspects got out.

Instead of producing a gun, they decided to assault the man, taking his keys by force. Then they ran him over with the Lambo, with the victim suffering serious injuries. Keep in mind the Urus isn’t too far off from 5,000 lbs.

Police needed to catch the suspects since they were showing no reservations about using violence to get what they wanted. It was only a matter of time before they went too far, killing a victim while taking their luxury SUV.

An automatic plate reader provided a break in the case, pinging the stolen Lamborghini Urus on April 12 as police were out patrolling for the suspects. They followed the vehicle and started doing surveillance, spotting the stolen BMW X5 arriving at the same location.

As the suspects tried leaving in the Bimmer, officers moved in to make their arrest. That’s when the suspects tried turning the tables on police, using the X5 as a giant battering ram, hitting the patrol cars over and over.

But police were able to box the SUV in, smashed the windows, and tased the suspects inside. Officers found a large quantity of cash and three handguns in the vehicle.

The official press release from Toronto Police Service makes zero mention of recovering the Lamborghini, so we’re left wondering if officers arrested all the suspects. It only mentions that the investigation is still ongoing.

This is the latest example in how violent carjackers can be, even toward police. The fact carjackings have been on the rise in many areas greatly concerns us.

Image via Toronto Sun/YouTube

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