Thieves Use Backhoe During Gas Station Robbery

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Thieves Use Backhoe During Gas Station Robbery
Thieves Use Backhoe During Gas Station Robbery

We’ve noticed in the past year or so that criminals in certain areas seem to be getting bolder. One of those places is California, especially in cities like Oakland. That’s where some thieves used a backhoe to try stealing an ATM inside a gas station in what is quite the brazen crime.

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As covered in a report from local news outlet ABC 7, there was an attendant inside the gas station’s convenience store at the time of the attempted robbery. In fact, the backhoe’s pail broke through the bulletproof glass just inches from the attendant’s face, who somehow wasn’t injured.


The plan was to break into the building using the backhoe, then attach a chain to the ATM machine and a pickup truck. But these criminal geniuses brought a chain that was too short. Hearing sirens in the distance, they took off, leaving the badly damaged store and the backhoe.

Sadly, we’re not sure the thieves would face that much in the way of consequences should they be caught. The owner of the gas station expressed his frustration about the descent into lawlessness for Oakland, a city he says he was born and raised in. The guy seemed to direct a lot of his rage at police.

What really baffles us is how so many people in cities like Oakland just a few years ago supported defunding their police departments because all cops were supposedly bad. Now they want to know why police aren’t helping them as criminals run free.

On top of that, quite a few prosecutors in American cities are letting violent criminals go almost immediately after they’re arrested and charged. So the criminals go back on the street and commit more crimes. And with the police departments lacking funding, plus a a lot of people not wanting to be cops since that’s supposedly a disgraceful profession now, we get criminals acting more and more brazenly.

None of this should be shocking, but to quite a few people it is.