Thieves Are Following Luxury Cars Home

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Thieves Are Following Luxury Cars Home
Thieves Are Following Luxury Cars Home

If it seems like common sense to always be aware of your surroundings and watch for people who might be following you while you’re driving, that’s a good thing. Far too many people are largely unaware of such things and criminals are capitalizing on that.

Police chase a Polaris RZR and it goes about as well as you’d expect.

One of the trends that police are warning about in the Bay Area of California and that we’ve seen elsewhere are armed robbers following people in luxury cars back to their home. A report from KTVU shows one woman who was confronted by men with guns as she arrived home in her Mercedes G-Wagon.


Those thieves were so brazen they just reversed the Lexus IS they were driving right up her driveway almost to the garage door. They probably did that to make a faster getaway.

The woman actually came out to greet the men in the car, thinking it was someone she knew, only realizing once they hopped out and started brandishing a gun that she was in serious trouble. They stole her jewelry and made a quick getaway.