Thieves in Mercedes-Maybach Posing as Prospective Buyers Steal Lamborghini Aventador: Police

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Fake Buyers Steal Aventador: PoliceThe Washington Post - Getty Images

A Lamborghini Aventador owner had his supercar stolen in Ontario, Canada on Tuesday by someone who claimed to be a prospective buyer wanting a test drive, police say. When they met up, the alleged thief drove off with the Lamborghini once he was in the car with the keys inside.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon in a parking lot at Notre Dame Drive and Erbs Road in St. Agatha, Ontario. The prospective buyer pulled up to the meeting location in a white Mercedes-Maybach that had other passengers inside, police say. When the suspect got behind the wheel of the Aventador, he shut the door and sped east in the direction of Waterloo, Ontario. The Mercedes-Maybach followed closely behind, CTV News reports.

The suspects certainly looked the part of Lambo buyers as a Mercedes-Maybach can easily cost over $200,000. If the suspects arrived in a rusted-out 20-year-old Toyota Camry, the Lamborghini owner would have probably been suspicious from the start. Of course, there is a good chance that the Mercedes-Maybach was also stolen, but there was no way the Lamborghini owner could have known that.


Hopefully, the Lamborghini is recovered quickly, but with each passing day that becomes less and less likely. There is a good chance that someone spotted the speeding Aventador and Mercedes-Maybach during the escape. Those two vehicles following each other can’t be a common sight. Police are requesting that anyone with information or dash-camera footage to call police at 519-570-9777, extension 8255. Also, anonymous information can be provided to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or

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