Thieves Raid Berkley Auto Repair Shop

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Do they have any idea who they’re stealing from?

Thieves recently broke into an auto repair shop in Berkley, California to steal cars and equipment. We see jobs like this all too often as criminals have realized repair shops, just like dealerships, sit unattended at night and have all kinds of valuables which will just roll away into the night.

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Surveillance footage captures how the thieves tried using the back end of a Chrysler Pacifica minivan like a battering ram to get through the rear roll-up door. When that didn’t work, a man walked to the front of the business, busted out the plexiglass window on a front door, then climbed inside.


According to KTVU, the shop has been in business for decades and is a “mainstay” of the community. What’s more, thieves have hit it before. The time before was about three months prior. Hopefully the owner gets some really hardcore security because it’s obvious someone has decided his business is a really easy and worthwhile target.

The owner did tell a KTVU reporter, “It’s not a really good feeling doing business around here.” That’s a profound statement. Maybe the guy should pick up shop and move somewhere that takes crime a little more seriously.

What’s really shocking about this story is that it happened in Berkley. Do these crooks know who they’re stealing from? This is one of the communities that’s screamed the loudest and longest about defunding police, rewarding criminality, and other such things. One would think the thieves would be grateful for the support, but almost like some sort of sociopath they stole from a Berkley business anyway. It’s almost like they don’t care or something. Weird.

Ultimately, everything will be fine. After all, during the rioting of 2020 we were all assured that the burned-out cars, businesses, etc. were all insured so the damage was no big deal. That’s how insurance works in the minds of the more educated, right?

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