Thieves Steal Muscle Cars, Corvette From North Carolina Auction Lot

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Thieves Steal Muscle Cars, Corvette From North Carolina Auction Lot
Thieves Steal Muscle Cars, Corvette From North Carolina Auction Lot

One of the thieves wrecked a Camaro.

The multi-year surge in car thefts across the US, Canada, and many other developed nations has involved not only the targeting of private citizens but dealerships and auto auction lots. Thieves recently decided to help themselves to that third option yet again, this time hitting up the IAA lot in Clayton, NC. They drove off in a Camaro, Corvette, Dodge Demon, and Dodge Charger Hellcat on the morning of September 11.

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Employees noticed a group of people they thought were suspicious as the thieves milled around in the lot that morning, calling police to report them, says ABC11. Before officers could respond and see what the suspects were up to, they took off in the Chevy and Mopar muscle cars and Corvette.


One of the thieves, a 17-year-old from Charlotte, crashed the Camaro in a construction zone on US 70, hitting a utility pole so hard that police were amazed he wasn’t killed. In fact, he apparently wasn’t even hurt. After the crash, he ran from the scene and hid behind a Family Dollar where authorities found him.

Not too long after, Johnston County Sheriff’s deputies saw the Corvette and gave chase. He was able to get away, but later North Carolina State Highway Patrol also spotted and pursued the sports car. After just three minutes of fleeing, the suspect jumped out of the Chevy and ran off on foot in Siler City. Apparently, he was better at running than driving, because police couldn’t track him down.

As for the Hellcat and Demon, police didn’t even spot those two muscle cars. If they had and those drivers were competent, no cop car could’ve caught up to them anyway. They’re probably both far away from North Carolina by now.

Johnston County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for help tracking down the Dodges and the three escaped suspects.