Thieves Steal Oscar Meyer Wienermobile Catalytic Converter

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Is no wiener sacred?

We know catalytic converter theft is completely out of control, especially for Prius owners in Los Angeles, but to hear that someone stole one off the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile is just a little too much. What’s next, sawing the cats off the Batmobile? KITT from Knight Rider? The DeLorean from Back to the Future? It’s just not right. Leave the Wienermobile alone.

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Coming in at 27 feet-long and looking like a giant hot dog, the Wienermobile attracts a lot of attention. Unfortunately, as it was parked in a hotel lot overnight in Las Vegas on February 10, that attention meant someone decided to go hacking part of the wiener off.

This wiener assault highlights how catalytic converter thieves don’t care who they hurt. Considering the vehicle has a nice tall ride height and plenty of ground clearance, getting under it to use a Sawzall for some surgery would be temptingly easy.


Whoever did this crime was an absolute butcher. They didn’t just take the catalytic converter, they chopped off sensors and other bits from the Wienermobile’s exhaust system, making replacing everything more difficult and costly.

Catalytic converter thieves don’t seem to care who they hurt. These guys just want easy money as they chop cats of whatever vehicle and sell them on the black market for big money. It’s a problem in pretty much every city, although some have it worse than others.

There are all kinds of security devices sold on the aftermarket with the aim of deterring or slowing down anyone who wants to cut off a vehicle’s catalytic converter. We can’t endorse any of them because we honestly don’t know how well they actually work. But we do know a lot of people are frustrated about this crime spree, including Oscar Meyer.

Source: 8 News Now
Images via Oscar Meyer

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