Thieves Swipe Luxury Cars In NYC

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Is nowhere safe?

Guys, car theft is so bad these days that even rich people in New York City are targets! Can you imagine our shock upon learning a theft ring has been swiping luxury vehicles from high-rollers in the Big Apple lately, especially with the tough-on-crime mayor. But that’s where we’re at in 2023.

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Per a report from the New York Post, a group broke into over a dozen homes in upscale NYC neighborhoods, stealing almost 10 luxury cars in the process. This was done over the space of three months at least, otherwise there would be widespread panic on the Upper East Side and we can’t have that.


Among the rides stolen were Mercedes, Range Rovers, and Porsches, says the newspaper, so all the usual suspects. Like in so many cases, these guys were wearing hoodies and masks as they struck in the early morning hours as most people are asleep.

Since these guys are breaking into houses and stealing jewelry and other valuables, we believe they’re just swiping the keys and driving off in the cars afterward, although that detail isn’t spelled out clearly in the report. We’ve covered these home-invasion style robberies where thieves break in while people sleep, thankfully trying to not wake up the occupants of the house, taking the keys so they can steal vehicles which usually are pretty hard to hack into. It’s effective and old school and something everyone needs to guard against.

The likelihood these robberies will turn violent eventually is pretty high. After all, breaking into homes while people sleep usually doesn’t end well sooner or later. And with crime on the rise in NYC, it seems these criminals are only feeling more emboldened as they brazenly steal whatever they want.

Images via New York Post

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