Thieves Swipe Wheels Off Escalade At Cadillac Dealership

Thieves Swipe Wheels Off Escalade At Cadillac Dealership
Thieves Swipe Wheels Off Escalade At Cadillac Dealership

This is pretty brazen.

We’ve noticed in the past few years that car thieves, which includes wheel and catalytic converter thieves, have become rather bold about committing crime. While they’ll absolutely go after your vehicle parked in the driveway overnight and maybe even in the grocery store parking lot during the day, one of their favorite targets to hit is dealerships. So while people are shocked that thieves took the wheels off a new Escalade on display at the front of a Cadillac dealer in Ohio, we sadly aren’t.

Watch a donk driver try running from the cops.

Far too many times for us to count, thieves have raided dealerships across the nation, stealing sometimes a dozen cars in one swoop. It seems like most of them get away and out of those who are caught, the consequences are comparatively light. And people wonder why car prices are so out of control.


In this latest case, the Escalade in question was parked out in front of Taylor Cadillac in Toledo. As reported originally by 13 ABC, he thieves struck in the early morning hours of August 20, setting the luxury SUV on cinder blocks. How very thoughtful of them!

We’ve seen wheel thieves prop a car up with one or two large rocks placed underneath the center of the car, likely doing serious damage to it. So these were more considerate wheel thieves who obviously showed up prepared for the heist.

No doubt, new wheels and tires for an Escalade are worth a lot, especially when you invested little to nothing up front in them. Police are looking into the matter, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the wheels and tires are far away by now.

Locking lug nuts might have prevented this theft, although a trained wheel thief does know how to get around those. Still, they’re not a bad deterrent, just make sure you don’t lose the key. Other than that, parking your car inside overnight is wise, although with an Escalade fitting it in a garage could be a challenge.