Three Brand-New, Undriven Tesla Roadsters Were Just Discovered in Shipping Containers

new 2010 tesla roadsters for sale
Trio of Brand-New Tesla Roadsters Found in ChinaGruber Motor Company

A trio of brand-new, never-driven 2010 Tesla Roadsters have been found abandoned in a shipping container in China. Now, they're coming up for sale.

According to Gruber Motor Company, a Tesla service center handling the sale, the U.S.-spec cars were originally ordered by a Chinese buyer in 2010 but were abandoned. The cars have been sitting in shipping containers at a Chinese port since, untouched and accruing storage charges.

The three cars, a Radiant Red Sport Roadster, a Very Orange Sport Roadster, and a Very Orange Base Model Roadster, come packaged with unopened boxes in the trunks and large external boxes paired to each car, which Gruber Motor Company speculates are brand-new charging cables and hard tops with carrying cases.


The Roadsters are still in China, but will be shipped to Arizona-based Gruber Motor Company in mid-May if the cars aren't purchased before that. Gruber says it doesn't know how many miles are on the car's odometers, or if the battery packs will accept a charge after 13 years of sitting. It plans to do a full technical review once the cars arrive.

Right now the seller is only accepting offers, and would prefer to sell them as a set, though according to the listing, can be convinced to sell them separately. If you're tired of waiting for your 2020 Tesla Roadster to arrive, this is a fascinating alternative that, unlike the new car, actually exists.

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