TikTok debates what exactly this child's shirt says: 'I don't know what's funnier'

One mom’s innocent mistake has left people roaring with laughter on TikTok after she bought her child a shirt that she thought read “floppy.” In reality, it said “Happy,” and dozens of TikTokers were quick to set her straight about it.

The initial clip was shared earlier this month by a British mom named Chloe (@chloepearce11).

In it, Chloe takes her followers on a recent shopping trip where she bought all sorts of adorable outfits for her little girl. But at one point in the video, she says she just had to buy her daughter a mint green shirt with something written across the front in cursive. Though she found the style to be super cute and the sentiment was sweet, she later admitted that she “couldn’t quite work out” what it actually said.


“I think it says ‘Floppy,'” she admits with a giggle, before moving on to show some other baby rompers she spotted.

In the comments, more than a few people piped up to correct her.

“SCREAMING,” one mom wrote. “IT SAYS HAPPY.”

“Yes, it definitely says happy!” added someone else.


Based on her response, Chloe quickly saw the error of her ways.

“What is wrong with me!!” she wrote back to one person.

“I’m honestly laughing at myself,” she added to another.

In a separate follow-up video, Chloe calls herself out for the hilarious mistake and admits that it’s kind of crazy she didn’t see “Happy” before.

“Absolutely hilarious,” Chloe admits. “I’ve even laughed at myself, like, ‘What an absolute idiot.”

“I don’t know what’s funnier,” one commenter told her. “The fact you thought it said floppy or the fact you still bought it thinking it randomly said floppy on the front.”

Others actually tried to play devil’s advocate on this one, pointing out that the writing is a bit confusing.

“Floppy or Happy, depends on how you look at it,” wrote one person.

“I see flappy!” another admitted.

“At the start of the video where it’s back to front it looks like it says ‘luggage,'” someone else countered.

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