TikTok gamer installs Nintendo Wii steering wheel in Mazda Miata | Gaming Roundup

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TikTok user Tyler Atkin is gaining popularity for swapping out parts of his Miata for Wii accessories

The internet just never ceases to amaze, does it? Earlier this week, VG247 introduced to the larger world a story that has been bubbling in the depths of TikTok for about a month or so. User Tyler Atkin, who goes by @ttptng on the platform, has been slowly swapping out parts of his Mazda Miata with Nintendo Wii accessories, colloquially calling the project the "Wiiata." It all started with Tyler removing his steering wheel and replacing it with the iconic Mario Kart Wii wheel. Then, he took it a step further and replaced his gear shifter with the Wii "nunchuck."


Naturally, after the initial success of these first few videos, Tyler was inundated with requests and ideas from commenters on what he could mod next. Soon, he replaced his floor mats with official Wii Fit exercise mats, swapped his e-brake handle out for the Wii baseball bat attachment, and finally even removed his radio and replaced it with the Nintendo Wii console itself. And don't worry, he even added the Wiimote wrist strap to his keychain for "safety." It's clearly an outrageous project and Tyler himself admits in a video that the wheel is "absolutely horrendous to use" but we're fascinated by the endeavor all the same (Editor's Note: We strongly recommend NOT replacing your steering wheel with a Wii wheel, though. It's not nearly as strong as the metal used in real steering wheels, and if it broke, you would be without steering). Let us know what you'd add to the Mazda Wiiata in the comments below.

@ttptng Replying to @draxguy had a go at driving. Its not good but it does work🤣 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #wii #wiiata #mariokart #nintendowii #miat #yata #miata #carsoftiktok ♬ original sound - Tyler Atkin

"Rocket League" is collaborating with Nike for new in-game decals

Just when you thought "Rocket League" was running out of companies to collaborate with, they decided to announce that, starting now, players will be able to purchase a Nike Air Zoom Mercurial bundle from the store for 1,100 credits until July 26. The bundle will include a new Nike Air Zoom Mercurial car decal in pink, green and yellow variants as well as a set of Nike Air Zoom Mercurial wheels. The design is pretty great, featuring a Flyknit texture with the iconic Nike swoop on the hood. If you don't have any credits to spend but still want a sweet piece of Nike loot, you'll be able to pick up the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Player Banner for free in the item shop until the end of the promotion as well. Check out the trailer for the collab below.