TikTok Girl Trashes Pricey Cars To Get Views

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TikTok Girl Trashes Pricey Cars To Get Views
TikTok Girl Trashes Pricey Cars To Get Views

A lot of internet users like watching videos featuring people doing interesting things with exotic, expensive performance cars. Many of them are trying to vicariously experience what it’s like to rip through the quarter mile in a Lamborghini or cruise down Rodeo Drive behind the wheel of a Maybach. Then there’s this TikTok girl who features beautiful rides in her videos so she can abuse them.

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With over 100,000 followers, snowbunnyjelly may have a funny username but we don’t find her videos the least bit amusing. Even though many users on the video social media platform seem to agree, we guess there are enough who want to see nice cars get trashed.


Why would anyone want to watch that? There might be a range of reasons. Some, driven by extreme jealousy, love seeing vehicles they feel they could never own getting vandalized. It’s akin to people keying nice cars in parking lots just because it’s nicer than what they drive.

Others might be bored of the usual TikTok content, so seeing something shocking like a petite young woman breaking the windshield on a Lamborghini Aventador is titillating to their senses.

Maybe some of her followers just really hate cars and automotive culture so to see her literally take a baseball bat to a ride gearheads would touch with nothing short of a microfiber cloth is hilarious to them. There are some truly sick people out there on the internet as well as the real world.

Some are watching probably just to ogle the girl. And don’t try to pretend otherwise.

Ultimately, what this girl does really isn’t that much different from some car YouTubers who purposely trash nice vehicles all to get likes, attention, and money. Yet some will treat this girl more harshly probably because, well, she’s a girl. And that’s the sad truth.

Personally, we can’t stand any influencers, social media personalities, or whatever you want to call them trying to gain a following by destroying nice cars no matter who they are.

Images via snowbunnyjelly/TikTok