TikTok Star Dylan Mulvaney Reveals Facial Feminization Surgery Results in Glam Video: 'It's Still Me'

Dylan Mulvaney Reveals Facial Feminization Surgery Results in Highly Anticipated Video
Dylan Mulvaney Reveals Facial Feminization Surgery Results in Highly Anticipated Video

Dylan Mulvaney/Instagram

Talk about new year, new you!

TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney returned from a social media hiatus to reveal the results of her facial feminization surgery.

The creator, who rose to fame on social media for her series "Days of Girlhood" that documented her transition from day one, underwent intensive facial feminization surgery (FFS) in December. She's been quiet on social media since then, while she healed.

Now that Mulvaney, whose last pre-FFS post on Instagram was Dec. 21, has fully recovered from the procedure, she is letting her fans in on her new look in the most high-fashion way possible.


On Friday, the creator posted a video to her Instagram account titled "The Face Reveal," which sees her serve Old Hollywood glamour and futuristic fashion — as well as her fresh face.

The video starts with a red curtain bearing her name and the video title. When it opens, Mulvaney and her new stunning face are revealed in a robotic tutu with a skirt that lifts up and down on its own like feathers. To the backdrop of classical music, Mulvaney dances and poses in knee-high silver boots, bedazzled eye makeup and a baby blue corset top.

Then, in a change of scenery, the red curtain closes, and the screen goes black and white. Mulvaney reappears in an Audrey Hepurn-style black dress, gloves and pearl necklace.

After closing the curtain one last time, Mulvaney appears backstage makeup free and in a basic tank to give a message to her fans who have been waiting for this reveal for over a month.

Saying in the video, "That's a wrap on face reveal! Oh my gosh, hi! I missed you! You know I have a flair for the dramatics, but it's so good, right? I'm so happy, and it's still me; it's just a little bit softer of a version, and I just hope that all trans and nonbinary people can get the gender-affirming resources that they need because this is life-changing and sometimes life-saving."

The surgery, which is highly individual, is a gender-affirmation procedure that usually consists of softening "masculine" facial features and reshaping of body parts like the Adam's apple. Although not everyone who transitions genders finds it necessary, it was something the influencer felt was an important step for her to make.

Mulvaney has become a voice for the trans and nonbinary communities. After amassing 10.3 million followers on TikTok, the creator was invited to the White House to speak with President Joe Biden, where she asked the president about his opinions on gender-affirming healthcare and whether states have the right to ban or restrict it.

Mulvaney has also befriended major celebrities from Kathy Hilton to Kris Jenner since her TikTok career has taken off, even walking for designer Jessica Jade's New York Fashion Week show last September.