The TikTok-Viral Eye Cream That Smooths Fine Lines In ‘Just a Few Days’ Is Back In Stock & 25% Off

Though searching for the perfect eye cream might seem like a never-ending goose chase, there are way more effective options out there than you’d think. There’s CeraVe’s ultra-hydrating formula that’s been dubbed a “fine line eraser,” Tula’s de-puffing balm that shoppers are “addicted” to and Kleem Organics’ firming cream that makes fine lines “disappear.” However, there’s one TikTok-viral formula that you definitely need to know about right now, especially since it has been selling out at multiple retailers.

Herbivore Botanicals’ new Moon Dew Eye Cream is, plain and simple, a keeper. It has previously sold out at a few different retailers, but it’s finally back in stock and on sale. Through April 3, take 25 percent off of the eye cream, along with everything else on the site. That means you can score this cream for $36 instead of $48. Just be sure to enter code PLANTPOWER at checkout. Plus, you get free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

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Thank goodness the bright purple cream is available again because it fills fine lines and instantly tightens the under-eye area. It can do all this thanks to its skin-saving ingredients. For one, it contains bakuchiol, which is a plant-based alternative to retinol that has all of the same anti-aging abilities, minus the potential for irritation. Plus, quinoa plant peptides and honey locust seed polysaccharides de-puff, lift, tighten and smooth.


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These are some impressive powers for a single eye cream, but TikTokers swear Moon Dew is the real deal. In the TikTok above, @abbythebadassmom shows viewers a photo of her under-eyes before she started using the cream. I have horrible vision, but even I can see immediately that this product worked wonders on Abby’s skin. Her face is completely bare in the video and she notes that she hasn’t had any surgery, so the results can be 100 percent attributed to the purple eye cream.

“I’ve been using this in the morning and at night and it’s been smoothing, tightening and firming my under eyes. So that’s why they have been looking so much better, and over time, also helping with more deep-set wrinkles,” she explains in the TikTok. “I’ve been using this for the last month. I finally found an eye cream that actually helps with the appearance of my under-eyes.”

Go off, queen! We couldn’t be more shocked by the results from just one month of use. The TikToker has us adding Herbivore Botanicals’ Moon Dew Eye Cream to our Sephora carts right this second.

It’d be a good idea to shop it ASAP since TikTok-viral products tend to sell out quickly and more than once. In case shoppers wipe it off the shelves again, you can also grab the eye cream (though not at a discount) at Amazon, Sephora and Revolve.

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Photo: Herbivore Botanicals.
Photo: Herbivore Botanicals.

Moon Dew Eye Cream

Price: $48

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If Abby’s TikTok doesn’t have you fully convinced yet (though it should), Sephora shoppers are on it. They gave it a 4.8-star overall rating, after all! 

“Finally an eye cream that actually works! I have tried every eye cream out there and never feel like I see a difference until this one,” raved one five-star reviewer. “I have pretty bad crow’s feet and have noticed a difference in even just a few days.”

“I noticed an immediate smoothing/tightening around my eye area after gently tapping on this product. This is the first day I’ve used it,” wrote another shopper. “Looking forward to seeing more results over the next couple weeks. So far I’m very impressed—and as a regular skincare junky, that’s not easy to do.”

There’s no denying that Moon Dew’s wrinkle-erasing ingredients will have your under-eyes looking brand new in no time. Correction: “a few days.”

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